Improved patient care through clinician-performed ultrasound throughout the province of Saskatchewan.


The University of Saskatchewan will become a leader in clinician-performed ultrasound through advances and application of research and education.

Core Values

Education and training play a central role in the advancement of patient care. Sasksonic is dedicated to developing and disseminating the highest possible quality of educational materials and experiences.

Research and innovation have been critical to the widespread adoption of clinician-performed ultrasound. Sasksonic is well positioned to take on scholarly projects related to clinician-performed ultrasound in the realms of clinical care and medical education.

Sasksonic is committed to serving the people of both urban and rural Saskatchewan. Research and training opportunities will reflect this commitment.

Strategic Areas of Focus

The development and delivery of a comprehensive undergraduate ultrasound curriculum

The establishment of an interdisciplinary point-of-care-ultrasound research program

The ongoing development of a multidisciplinary quality assurance and improvement process

The creation of postgraduate point-of-care-ultrasound training opportunities

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