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The core applications (FAST, AAA and BIP scans) are where it all started! Given the low threshold for Point of Care Ultrasound – the majority of our scans are reassuring or normal. As individual docs, we just don’t see pathology that often. Collectively, on the other hand, not many days go by without a patient with significant findings presenting to one of our 3 EDs. With our recent efforts in increase image capture rates, we can now benefit from the experiences of our colleagues.

So here it is: The Review! 20 cases in video format on 20 slides running just over 7 minutes. And the best part – no voice over! Just load, play and scribble down your interpretations. I’ll be sending out the answers next week.

This month we’re introducing Lung Ultrasound for the detection of pneumonia in children. Have a look!

June EDUS Case

This month we are showcasing some of the highlights of our recent ED ultrasound chart review (Feb 01- March 31). A handful of cases by several of our local docs, all great clips demonstrating how PoCUS can assist with patient care and department flow! Check it out:

April EDUS Case

Undifferentiated Hypotension in the ER. PE vs Sepsis, its your call.

Consider this guide to help you work through the case

label picture u:s in shock copy

(image courtesy of Paul Olszynski)

March/2015 EDUS QA case

A great case that highlights the role that ED U/S can play in shortening time to diagnosis, length of stay (LOS), decreasing overcrowding and ultimately improving patient care!

February/2015 EDUS QA case

Focused Cardiac Ultrasound Cont’d – patient presents with painless shortness of breath

December/2014 EDUS QA case

Chest pain and shortness of Breath – use of Focused Cardiac Ultrasound

November/2014  EDUS QA case

Abdominal pain – suspected ectopic pregnancy.

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