Student Leadership

University of Saskatchewan Ultrasound (USUS)

USUS is a University of Saskatchewan student group advocating for clinician performed ultrasound (CPU) to improve the clinical evaluation and treatment of patients. We believe that CPU will be a basic and integral part of future medical practice in most specialties, on par with the use of percussion and auscultation today. Accordingly, these beliefs inform our program of action:

  1. Learn the use of ultrasound inside and out through hands-on-probe experience and multidisciplinary expert clinician guidance.
  2. Learn the proper way to integrate ultrasonographic findings into clinical decision making.
  3. Stress the specialty-agnostic nature of CPU training and practice through the incorporation of multidisciplinary sources of education and areas of application.
  4. Promote and integrate CPU’s use in every learning location and clinical experience through intelligent and professional use of ultrasound skills.

Any student in the University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine interested in helping us achieve these goals or in learning how to incorporate ultrasound into their clinical decision making is welcome to join and participate in USUS. Our hope is that every student who wishes to have competent ultrasound skills will be able to develop and hone them for the betterment of their future patients.

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