The edus2 project

The Emergency Department Ultrasound Simulator (edus2) is a portable bedside ultrasound device that allows for the seamless integration of Emergency Department Ultrasound (EDUS) into high fidelity simulation scenarios (HFS). Trainees using the edus2 gain the opportunity to determine whether to use bedside ultrasound (indications), how to properly hold and place the probe (image generation) and finally how to assess scans (image interpretation) as displayed on the edus2 screen all within the context of an HFS scenario.

Check out this short video

The edus2 was developed here at the University of Saskatchewan by Drs. Kulyk and Olszynski. More details at

There are many ways to incorporate the edus2 into your teaching plan – from clerkship to residency and clinical training.

the edus2 workout


Below is a short overview of uses and supporting literature

edus2 workout

SMACC2015-U/S in critical care simulation

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