Last year, our first ever SONOGAMES at SASKSONO16 were a blast. Scanskatchewan pulled off a big win. This year, we have room for three teams and its shaping up to be Saskatoon vs. Regina vs. out of province team???

Registration for SASKSONO17 is now open (click the SASKSONO17 tab above/screen right to get more details and to sign up online).

The SONOGAMES format includes a lot of image interpretation and clinical integration questions (both for the teams and the audience to follow along), then there are a few skill stations and finally an ultimate team challenge to wrap it up. Team points are assigned by our judges (who I admit can be a bit fickle) and it all starts with the team name and costumes competition.

Check out these photos from last year (courtesy of Chitbhanu Singh) and if interested in competing as a team, email or .


Assessment for pneumothorax…


Preparing for ultrasound-guided peripheral IV cannulation…


The champions – Scanskatchewan – with the illustrious SONOCUP.

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