This year we’re hosting a POCUS educator’s summit – a SONO-SUMMIT!

With increasing demands for POCUS training within the medical education spectrum, there are growing calls for guidance on curricular aspects like choosing what to teach, how to assess it, and how to define and determine competence in POCUS at all stages of training. Overall learner objectives include presenting the best available medical education evidence on POCUS in UGME, PGME and CME.


1) Best practices/evidence in UGME POCUS highlighting the Canadian Medical Students’ Ultrasound Curriculum (CanUCME group) as well as exploring key challenges including integration into the broader curriculum, equipment needs, and assessment. Link to the article found here!
2) Best practices/evidence in PGME POCUS with focus on competency based medical education (CBME) including entrustable professional activities, assessment with entrustment scores, and competency committees. Link to the Ultrasound Competency Assessment Tool validation found here!
3) Best practices/evidence in CME POCUS highlighting the need for longitudinal learning opportunities with CME recognition, supervision (both direct and indirect), scanning bootcamps, and the role of assessment for credentialing.

Our Faculty

From Top Left Clockwise: Dr. Michelle Clunie, Dr. Paul Olszynski, Dr. Dan Kim, Dr. Gillian Sheppard, Dr. Irene Ma, Dr. Colin Bell

Each of the three main topics will be followed by a set of interactive workshops/break-out rooms (virtual) helping participants put ideas to paper/laptop while also getting a chance to ask/discuss challenges or questions with our experts. Workshops will include topics such as: Giving a good POCUS lecture, Teaching POCUS during clinical work, Preparing POCUS curriculum proposals, Using POCUS assessment tools, Completing EPA scores and narratives.

Save the date: Saturday morning, April 17th, 2021. Registration coming soon!

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