is now live!

It has been an exciting week at the U of S with the introduction of our College’s newest student interest group: Usask Ultrasound (USUS). Additionally, the sasksonic site, though not fully developed, is now up and rolling and getting attention.

In terms of CPU at the U of S this fall, here’s a summary:

Research: We are leading the charge on a study on Ultrasound for Diagnosis of Small Bowel Obstruction and looking forward to a Jan 1/2015 roll out (multi-centre study). The department of surgery, in collaboration with Emergency Medicine, is in the process of rolling out an EMS-performed FAST in BAT study.

Courses: The EDE 1 course arrives in a short couple of weeks. We are still looking for patient volunteers for scanning practice. Contact if you are interested.

Undergraduate Training: The first lecture for the U/S-guided Anatomy course is Sept 23 and 25th. This will be an introduction to u/s physics, knobology and scanning technique. This same lecture will likely lead the pack of sessions organized by USUS (see above)

Postgraduate: ED Ultrasound Rounds have now been formally integrated into EM Academic Half day. Residents from all specialties are invited to attend. Interest from both Internal Medicine and Surgery programs means that we will be likley developing training modules for these groups as well.

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